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-Make Art Where Art Has Never Been Made Before.


We would like to offer you to join us on a unique and historic adventure to create Art in a place where Art has never been created before - in the Stratosphere - 45 km above ground at the edge of space.


As a species, we have always had a distinct place for art in our lives. From the very first signs of civilization, Art has been part of our identity. We have found great methods of communicating most subtle and fragile  ideas through different mediums of Art. From the painted caves of the first known civilizations to sending man-made artworks on the Moon, we have continuously pushed the limits of Art from the very beginning.


Only a few artists have successfully launched artworks in Space, including Romanoz. Transcendentalism, as a genre, extends its meaning beyond traditional ideas of limits and borders. To demonstrate this concept, we sent three paintings of Romanoz in the most eccentric environment - in the near space.

The aim of the performance was to convey the idea that art is not limited to traditional boundaries, established institutions and circles.  Art is free, Art is vibrant, Art is adventurous.


After the successful flight, once the video footage and the paintings were recovered, they were Exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art of Georgia - MoMA and in Baku. Five other international exhibitions are planned as the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic are lifted.  

​After the First Exhibition in Space by Romanoz in 2019, a renowned artisT Kaws has sent one of his most-known figures to Space and documented the journey on camera.

Our second missions was conducted in October 2020. We sent a slogan for the Bank of Georgia in Space. The recovered footage became the pinnacle of the main campaign video and was portrayed on thousands of ATMs around the country for months.

Although we are somewhat familiar with the idea of making art on Earth and sending it to Space, no one has ever made art in space and sent it back to Earth. This is precisely what our creative agency is going to accomplish in August 2021 by accommodating Romanoz in creating first artwork in Space.


We plan to attach an empty 13x21cm canvas  and an automates painting mechanism on a helium module and send it to the Stratosphere. In precisely 3 hours, the module will reach around 40 km and the mechanism will draw a pre-planned painting. The process of drawing on a canvas with the Earth in the background will be documented entirely by a cinema camera and recovered once the module lands within 100 km diameter from launch site. 





Why should it be AkzoNobel that becomes one of the associates of the project?


We would like to know if AkzoNobel can help us achieve a very technical part of the project. In the extreme environment where the painting has to be drawn, we need an unique type of paint that does not freeze in -70 degrees Celsius. We believe  that there might be a chance that AkzoNobel might have a solution to this very specific challenge that the project faces. We have experimented with oil and acrylic paints, which unfortunately freeze and become unusable for the project. We also tried different types of inks and found a type that stays in liquid shape in extremely cold temperatures. Although ink works, we continue to seek for paint that has a similar texture as traditional drawing paints. 

We believe that we share passion for paint and art in general. Going through AkzoNobel's Online Gallery was a pleasurable experience, we admire companies that support art and take positive steps toward corporate social and cultural responsibilities and actively strive to collaborate. 



We are going to create a 50 minute cinematic documentary which will include the 6-month preparation process, launch of the module, the footage from space, our partners and supporters, technical details and challenges, broader meaning of the project as a performance and ties transcendentalism. This film will be exhibited on the Batumi International Film Festival in 2022. We are already speaking about potential exhibitions in various galleries and museums all around the World.


It is also noteworthy that Romanoz is in communication with David Lynch Foundation of Transcendental Meditation. Several meetings have already been made with David Lynch himself and the representatives of the Foundation for Transcendental Meditation. Further cooperation is planned with the foundation in order increase reach of the project cinematically and in a wider art society. 



Notam Autem 

In total, our agency has successfully launched three missions to the Stratosphere. Missions included sending items in the near space and recording its journey from Earth and back. Recovering extraordinary footage from the Stratosphere is not easy but with years of experience, we have perfected the method of sending objects in the near-space using helium based modules and now we would like to take this knowledge and experience to the next level.

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