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                                                                             NFT Club


Since 2022, Romanoz has been creating NFT series of his artwork.

In this section you can see sold NFT's, whose owners become members of a closed club.

In the near future, special art expositions for the club members are planned.



                                                                           BIRD OF SUCCESS


Introducing the unique NFT series - "Bird of Success".  This series consists of 43 parts, each of which contains sounds recorded at the height of the stratosphere.  The main character of the first ever exhibition in the Stratosphere was the Bird of Success.  Each Bird of Success NFT is unique as it contains only one of the 43 parts of this amazing journey.

 The Bird of Success is a symbol of innovation and success and has become a source of inspiration for many companies and individuals.  Each Bird of Success NFT holder not only gets exclusive access to these sounds, but also the opportunity to increase their brand awareness as companies joining the Birds site will have NFT as an added benefit.

 Join the "Bird of Success" and be part of a unique journey through the stratosphere!

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