Transcendentalism - For me it is a trip to the subconscious where events, characters and time are transported to the canvas in artistic forms.

Romanoz - Artist believes that the ability “to travel in the subconscious” has any person and this “Travelling” is much easier and more interesting with transcendental artworks.

In 1997-1998 the author was acquainted with Vedic philosophy and based on his fusion with art creates transcendental painting. Within 10 years he creates graphic works. Parallelly, his personal exhibitions are held in the Museum of Arts in Adjara, in the American Embassy (Tbilisi), in the House-Museum of Alexander Chavchavadze and in private galleries throughout Georgia

The next stage of transcendental art development - is brushwork. The author uses various techniques - silicone/wood, canvas/oil, acryl etc. ... Exhibitions are held at the Georgian National Museum and in private galleries. There are invitations for participation in international exhibitions.

In 2013 in a historical movie theater building “Apollo” Romanoz opened his Personal Gallery, where Transcendental art is introduced viewers from all around the World. Multiple public figures visit the gallery. Since opening his own personal gallery at "Apollo", Romanoz received an invitation from the Royal Family Club of the Kingdom of Netherlands to organize the an exhibition in Amsterdam.

In the Royal Family Club of the Kingdom of Netherlands, Romanoz art was presented as a Georgian contemporary piece of art.

Since 2015, Romanoz starts working on an immense project called "Quantum of desires’ fulfillment" The project is unique in several areas, including an unprecedented dimensions that has no analogue in painting.

In 2017, by the initiative of Romanoz, the “ART SEA” project is done, which unites Georgian artists of different genres and ages. Within the framework of the project, the series of exhibitions are coming in order to popularize modern Georgian art in different regions of Georgia.

In 2017 Romanoz's project on establishing a modern transcendental museum in Georgia invites the interest of the famous American artist David Datuna. Currently team-work on the project is ongoing

In 2018, Romanoz with his Transcendental art was invited to Moscow, which, according to art critics and connoisseurs was a substantial cultural event for Russia. 


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